Uurintuya Dagvasambuu

Uurintuya Dagvasambuu (b.1979) is a Mongolian contemporary master of the traditional painting, Mongol Zurag. She is known for innovations in this style: she combines traditional Mongolian and Buddhists motives with contemporary themes as she chronicles the lives of women, mundane everyday life, seasons of life in her post-nomadic homeland.

Uurintuya trained at the Institute of Fine Arts, Mongolian University of Arts and Culture. She began exhibiting while a student since 2001 and had solo exhibitions in Ulaanbaatar in 2006 and in 2018. Uurintuya participates in Mongolian Art group exhibitions at home and internationally, which include Las Vegas (2006), Beijing (2008), Hong Kong (2011), Shanghai (2012), Fukuoka, Japan (2012, 2014), London (2012), Düsseldorf (2012), and Queensland, Australia (2015). Uurintuya’s development of traditional motifs, subject matter and pictorial language into unique representations of Mongolian contemporary quotidian has been recognized in Mongolia as her works were often selected as the winners of “The Best Work of the Year” prestigious awards bestowed by the Union of Mongolian Artists annually to only a few artists.