Poonam Jain


Born in 1989, Poonam Jain investigates spaces and cities she has comes to inhabit using delicate, intricate formats to comment on issues that concern a young woman in a city, personal narratives discuss art history and socio-political concerns. Her work take on a numerical vocabulary that manifests itself in delicate architectural forms that at times are made from cotton ear buds.  Metaphors and synonyms are mathematically dissected to form sentences that reflect an innate need to express a feminist urge.  Intricate drawings that derive influence from jewellery settings provide surrealist relief for her, much like Joseph Beuy's action drawings and in the same way Chorheh Feyzdjou 's poster for her shop in Paris turns into dust-brush for Jain statues that intends to eliminate misogyny well embedded in religion. 

Once, as a young girl she took her vows to become a nun in the small Jain religion in India, but she was later drawn away from this path by her passion for art.  She essentially investigates the inherent atheism in Jain philosophy by counting until infinity -  in an exercise book where she purposely writes every consecutive number aiming to reach the utopian infinity. Jain also transports her fathers stationary shop into a portable note book by using images from its graphics as the books borders. 

Architectural critiques exists as an intimate relationship she shares with her neighbors and the inherit lack of privacy in a crowded, unplanned city.   Delicate in her work is tangibly proposing its conviction in the lack of its possibility in quotidian life. Jain proposes a feminism that doesn't necessarily depend on an animosity with the feminine.  She proposes an intellectual argument that is precise and mathematical in its opposition to the arrived understanding. 

Poonam Jain is the Director of Clark House Initiative Bombay where she is based, also an active member of an artists collective called Shunya. She has shown at the Kadist Art Foundation, Paris,  G.159 Bangalore,  Insert 2014 curated by Raqs Media Collective , New Delhi,  Fondation Lucien Paye, Paris, MKG127, Canada,  Gdansk Art Gallery and Beirut Exhibition Center , among others.  She has had solos at the Clark House Bombay,  1x1 Gallery Dubai and C&H Art Apartment Hong Kong in 2014.