Poonam Jain


Poonam Jain was born in Bangalore (1989) to a Jain family. Aspiring to become a Jain nun, she joined art school almost by chance, just because she liked drawing. It was the art school and people whom she met and learnt about that expanded her worldview. The process of questioning and un/re learning the ‘taught’ becomes the essence of her drawings, installations, sculptures and gestural works. She often shifts personal experiences to social concerns and vise-a-versa. With repetition, counting and measuring, she analyses domestic (micro) narratives as dialogues between economy and pedagogy. She was a resident at Art Dubai 2018 and currently lives and works in Bombay.

Poonam Jain is the Director of Clark House Initiative Bombay where she is based, also an active member of an artists collective called Shunya. She has shown at the Kadist Art Foundation, Paris,  G.159 Bangalore,  Insert 2014 curated by Raqs Media Collective , New Delhi,  Fondation Lucien Paye, Paris, MKG127, Canada,  Gdansk Art Gallery and Beirut Exhibition Center , among others.  She has had solos at the Clark House Bombay,  1x1 Gallery Dubai and C&H Art Apartment Hong Kong in 2014.