DALLAS ART FAIR, April 15-17, 2016

Featured Artists: Faig Ahmed, Eric Bourret, Shinji Turner-Yamamoto, Rachel Sussman and Gabriela Albergaria

Faig Ahmed: An internationally recognized artist from Baku, Azerbaijan, who represented his country at the 2007 Venice Biennale. He is well known for his conceptual works that utilize traditional decorative craft and the visual language of carpets into contemporary sculptural works of art. His works reimagine ancient crafts and create new visual boundaries by deconstructing traditions and stereotypes.

Eric Bourret: The work of this "artist walker" has been influenced by English land artists and landscape photographers. Since the start of the 1990s, he has been traveling the world on foot, over every kind of terrain and at every altitude, making images he sees as "experiences of walking, experiences of the visible". He talks about the potential that walking represents for sensory and physical transformation: "It heightens one's attention and receptiveness to landscape."

Shinji Turner-Yamamoto: A Japanese born U.S.-based artist known for paintings, sculptures, and installations employing elemental materials such as trees, fossils, and minerals, creating profound viewer connections with nature. He works with identifiable imagery to encourage humanity to encounter the essential in nature and time in new and unexpected ways and is committed to using historic and natural elements in his work as meditations on the environment. He studied at Kyoto City University of Arts, and, sponsored by the Italian government, at Accademia di Belle Arti, Bologna, where he lived for eleven years.

Rachel Sussman: A Contemporary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. For nearly a decade, she's been developing the critically acclaimed project “The Oldest Living Things in the World,” for which she researches, works with biologists, and travels all over the world to photograph continuously living organisms 2000 years old and older. Stewart Brand calls her work "the missing science of biological longevity." She’s received numerous awards including a 2014 Guggenheim Fellowship, has spoken at TED, The Long Now Foundation, and UCLA, amongst others, and appeared on the air on CNN, BBC, and various public radio programs.

Gabriela Albergaria: A Portuguese artist based in Lisbon and New York. Her work involves one territory: Nature. A nature manipulated, planted, transported, set in hierarchy, catalogued, studied, felt and recalled through the ongoing exploration of gardens/cultural landscapes in photography, drawing and sculpture. The artist views gardens/cultural landscapes as elaborated constructs, representational systems and descriptive mechanisms that epitomize a set of fictional beliefs that are employed to represent the natural world.